Living Here and Now

A Plant cutting, a glass pot and the beginning of

a kind love story

Conceived to be an Art of living before being a brand, Sky & Abyss — The balance made from differences — guides you to a journey into the center of our Nature.

Illustrations, costumes and unique accessories, immersives photos, sustainibility and respect for the living beings to discover and share.


Dreaming awake

Sky & Abyss is a journey where to only limit is our imagination

The MesSages

Hello There & Welcome !

Sky & Abyss is a special and unique brand I chose to develop as my Universe. I conceive it by refering myself to the way I see the world and how I want it to evolve !

Are you curious to know who and what’s behind Sky & Abyss? Let’s follow the Blue Rabbit through the Swirl…

Stéphanie Y. FOX – Director of Sky & Abyss

From The Blog

  • Feng Shui decoration as a Burn-out blocker!
    I won’t say it transformed the dimensions of the directions dedicated in these rooms that are Fame, Finance and Career but it has significantly changed our emotionnal state in the appartment.